Gay Wedding News

Wedding News

  • The Telegraph

    Songs of Praise has screened the show's first ever gay wedding as part of a drive to modernise the programme.

  • The Times

    It's a far cry from the days when Songs of Praise was presented by the likes of Sir Harry Secombe and Geoffrey Wheeler. Now, as part of a drive to modernise the ...

  • PinkNews

    BBC show Songs of Praise is set to feature a same-sex wedding, with Jamie Wallace and Ian McDowall marrying at an United Reformed Church in Glasgow.

  • BBC News

    Wedding planners who booked their big day two years ago may miss out on legal marriage by two weeks.

  • The Economist

    I FEEL IT in my fingers, I feel it in my toes. From the opening moments of “Four Weddings and a Funeral”, it is obvious that this series—based on the film of the ...

  • PinkNews

    A Christian MP in the Faroe Islands has pledged to roll back same-sex marriage, if his party returns to power. Same-sex unions have been permitted in the Faroe ...

  • The Washington Post

    BRANDON, Fla. — Three years ago, Rickey Halbert was torn about whether to vote for President Trump. On the one hand, he had read about Trump's ...

  • Religion News Service

    (RNS) — A dozen United Methodists meeting secretly in Indianapolis earlier this summer have unveiled a blueprint for spinning off one or two new ...

  • MarketWatch

    If the tragic slaughter at the Walmart store in El Paso on Aug. 3 led to anything good, we may have seen the first sign of it. On Thursday, the largest U.S. retailer ...

  • Refinery29

    We all know that weddings are an expensive business for everyone involved, so it's not surprising that millennial renters are politely declining.

  • PinkNews

    Two grooms celebrated their marriage in a traditional Hindu wedding in the US last week, and the amazing photos have gone viral on social media.

  • Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America

    CAMERA has prompted correction of a Reuters article which incorrectly reported that gay marriage is illegal in Israel. The Aug. 8 article (“Homophobic political ...


    As the city celebrates Pride weekend, experts debate how to preserve the Gay Village's unique identity.

  • HuffPost

    Corey Forrester is used to sharing his opinions on social media. The Georgia-based comedian and author frequently speaks his mind to over 14,000 followers ...

  • austin360

    On the morning marriage equality became the law of the land, I felt a familiar adrenaline surge, knowing we had a big story to cover.As a journalist, I couldn't wait ...