Reverend Brown

KylephotoYou’ve pledged your love to your partner, and the two of you want to be joined together in holy matrimony.

From small commitment ceremonies, civil union and full blown weddings. I have been uniting couples since 1999. I am a a non-denominational ordained minister with the ULC – Universal Life Church.

Rainbow Weddings can do ceremonies from simple in office appointment’s, services at your or a loved ones home or a chapel style ceremony.  I would love to work with you to create the perfect ceremony for your perfect day.

I enjoy working with gay and lesbian couples, and can perform non or
inter-denominational services.

Recommended by Gay & Lesbian Center

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Since November 5th 1999

  • Reverend Brown
  • Located in the Wedding Center
  • 531 H Street
  • Bakersfield, Ca 93304
  • 661-633-9200
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This Chapel will hold up to 60 guest This chapel is off site